Musical instruments

Dances are very much based upon the cymbals (kartal or mangkang) and the cylindrical drum known as Manipuri mridang or pung. Unlike other classical, dances where the instrument is merely used as an accompaniment, the pung and the kartal (manjira) are actually used in the dance…

Manipuri is unique among the classical Indian dances in that the instrumentation is a central part of the dance, rather than as a side accompaniment. The main musical instrument in Manipuri dance is Kartal or cymbal. Another important instruments is the Dhak or Pung (mridanga or dram). Dhak, Kartal, Mangkang, and Sembong are the soul of Manipuri Sankritana music and Classical Manipuri Dance. It assumes an important ritual character, an indispensable part of all social and devotional ceremonies


in Manipur, – the instrument itself becoming an object of veneration. Manzilla, used by the female performers, is similar to kartal, but different in nature and smaller in size. There are of course may be considered as resultant instrument of traditional Manipuri and Hinduised Manipuri culture. The musical instrument which is Manipuris own is Pena, a string instrument which is played by fiddling somewhat similar to Ektara of Bengal. Often, The use of Baashis and Harmoniums are found in Manipuri Dance.


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