Ballet and Drama


Ballet or dance drama is also a colorful part of Manipuri Culture. It is theatre and Jatra that have the honor of being the cheif cultural and artistic forms during the past few decades. Maharaj Churachand Singha, true to manipuri tradition of patronising the art forms helped with men and money during his reign.the contemporary Manipuri theatre is a continuation of the earlier tradition. Phagi Lila’s , introduced by comedians are drwan from their appearance and mode of inacting.There are dance dramas like Nimai-Sonyas, Sita-Horon, Nouka-Bilash,Savitri-Styaban, Chandrajini, Harishchandra, Nal Domoyonti, Moirang Parva, Ramayana,Kurukhetra, Lankakanda, Kamsabadha, etc. which are wonderful and beautiful.
The jatra is like an opera generally performed in the open in a circle surrounded by audiences, stage or screen. The famous ballet Numit speaks the story of two suns, having rhythm, expression and lyric.

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