Famous Manipuri Artists

Guru Nileshwar Mukharjee from Bangladesh and Guru Senarik Rajkumar from India are well known to Manipuri society as with them the new department of Manipuri Dance was created in the Shantiniketon in the early thirties. The present noted Manipuri dancers of India and Bangladesh, as well as international fame are Hanjaba Guru Bipin Singha, Guru Chandrakanta Singha – Nartanachrya, Guru Nilmadhab Mukharjee, Guru Haricharan singha, Bibhaboti Devi, Kalabati Devi etc. Most of them have their dancing tours on the manipuri to England, America, Russia, Australia, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Honking, Thailand, Bhutan, Sri Lanka etc. and earned great name and fame for their style. Among Non-Manipuri dancers, the names of Preeti patel, Sruuti Banerjee, Tamanna Rahman ( Bangladesh) and Jhaveri sisters can be included.


Guru Bipin Singha

Among the above mentioned dancers, Guru Bipin Singha ranks top. He may rightly called the ” Father of Manipuri Dance and style”. He was awarded with a number of the prestigious titles like Sangeet-natak academy award, Kalidas samman etc. Guru Bipin Singha, the Kalidas, has the past four decades with his disciplines – the Javery sisters -has contributed a great deal in the field of Manipuri dance and culture. In Bombay the famous performers and teachers are the Jhaveri sisters – Nayana,Suverna, Darshana and Ranjana Jahveri. They continue this tradition at their institution ‘Manipuri Nartanalaya’. These artists have spread the beauty of Manipuri dance all over the world and have been honored both nationally and internationally on this subject.


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