Other Devotional Forms

Also different manifestations of the song, dance, and martial arts culture that is intrinsic to Manipuri people –

Udukhol: Krishna’s Valya Lila and Vatsalya Ras is enacted through this dance and devotional music.

Basak: Basak is kind of Sangkirtan for males and females alike. The theme is derived from Basak Sajya, preparation of a seat for Sri Krishana and Sri Radhika and her maids with flowers.


Gouralila: Performed by boys of the age group of 8 and 10 years, representing Sri Chaitanya’s lila such as meeting the Kesav Vharati, saving jogai – madhai,Touching scenes of Vishnupriya Separation etc.

Thang Ta: Martial arts by the Manipuri Meitheis, the dance with the use of spear and sword. Sword constitudes the body and the spear, the soul, so goes the saying of the Meitheis.


Nupi Pala: A kind of Kirtan performd by female in sitting position with mandira’s (small cymbals) in hand.

Dhop Kirtan: A kind of kirtan style which is devoid of movements, must be held in connection of Durga Puja, Jhulan Jatra, Mera and Kartika festival.

Ipom: A form of entertainment where two or three Jtra personalities take part and discuss something. Sumanglila is the most popular form.

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